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Overwhelmed by Your Business? 3 Strategies to Get Your Groove Back

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Planning

3 simple strategies to get your groove back

Being a small business owner can be lonely. You’re often on your own, controlling your own ship. Some people function well in this environment. But others struggle when there’s no one to bounce ideas off.

Regardless of which one you are, there’s one thing I’m sure about. To have a more fulfilling existence, you need to love what you are doing.

Find your ‘why’

Simon Sinek is well known for speaking about the importance of understanding why you do what you do. Sinek believes that people do not buy what you do; they buy why you do it. He also says that if you want to attract the right employees and customers, you must convey your ‘why’ to them.

Very few business owners truly understand why they do what they do, or what gets them out of bed in the morning. When you sit down and seriously think about it, it will often be about more than making money.

When I ask this question at workshops, I usually get responses like:

  • To provide a high standard of living for my family
  • To help customers
  • To solve problems
  • To make a difference
  • To do something worthwhile in my community
  • To challenge my brain

Whatever it is that drives you, it needs to be crystal clear to you and be expressed in everything you do.

Get things done – get an accountability buddy

The feeling of not achieving at work, not doing what you said you were going to do, can suck your joy. Einstein explained it by saying: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

An accountability buddy is an excellent way to force implementation. Someone to whom you make commitments, on a weekly or monthly basis.

Your buddy must be someone you respect and trust. They need to be able to give you harsh feedback and haul you over the coals to you focused again. You can do this in three ways:

  • Join or create a mastermind group. These are quite common, and you will likely find one in your area. Before you join, do some research. You need to find a group that will challenge you and hold you accountable but which also has people who can teach you new skills. If you can’t find a suitable group, think of three or four successful business owners who you respect and approach them to discuss the idea. ProfitSmarts runs Masterminds as part of their coaching programs.
  • If a larger group does not appeal to you, then pick one person. Perhaps you know of another small business owner with similar frustrations to you. Respect for this person will see both of you benefit from two-way accountability.
  • Find a trusted advisor to hold you accountable. They can help you work out why you are off track and what you need to focus on to achieve your targets.

Put yourself first

One of the reasons you went into business was to have control over your time. To be able to do your own thing, spend more time with your family or take more time off. Sadly, too many small business owners become so involved in business ‘busy work’ that they end up creating another job for themselves. Just because you are a business owner, it doesn’t mean you need to work 24/7, 365 days a year.

You need to grasp the concept that real wealth is how much discretionary time you have. Though money can buy happiness, what’s the point if you have no time to spend it?

If working too many hours is your big problem, start by blocking out half a day per week when you do not work. It’s your business, so it’s your rules. Then work your way up to block out a decent amount of holidays a year in advance. If you have young children, block out the 10 weeks of school holidays. I don’t always take the whole 10 weeks, but nothing significant is scheduled during that time, so I can choose whether to take them or not.

If you think this is impossible for you to do, then I can guarantee that nothing will change until you try it.

As you increase your time from half a day per week to 10 weeks a year, systemise your business so that it is no longer dependant on you. I promise that you will find yourself having much more fun.


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