My Profit Maximiser

My Profit Maximiser is a 4 phase program to help you find and liberate the hidden profits in your business.


Phase 1 is Clean Up.

Is it important to you to be able to sleep well at night, feel in control of your business and have a level of certainty about what you need to do?

To be honest, this may well be the most important step yet it is the one everyone skips!  It is certainly the phase in our unique program where we give you the answers to the questions above.

In this phase we apply our specialised Financial Discovery Process to teach you how to understand your numbers, so you can start to be in control of them, not them controlling you.

Within 3 months, you will understand what you need to know to be in control of your numbers and you will be able to sleep better at night, safe in the knowledge that you know what a plan on how to tackle your issues going forward will look like.


Phase 2 is Analyse.

Do you believe that there just might be some extra hidden profits, in your business, that you don’t really know about or maybe just don’t have the time to go and look for?

Well this is where the magic starts to happen!

In this phase we apply our specialised Profit Forensics Process to find that hidden profit, and put it within your reach.  Every business we have worked with has had hidden profit that the business owner had no idea existed, that we have been able to uncover with our specialised process and liberate from the business so it can be banked.

It is important for you to know that we are not talking about new marketing programs or even new customers.  The potential for this hidden profit is already in your business we just need to identify it and be strategic about liberating it.


Phase 3 is Systemise.

Would you like to be able to turn this into a habit within the business so you can eventually have it on autopilot?

This is all about Strategic Financial Management, where we show you how to bed down these strategies so that they become part of the day-to-day processes, with our specialised Financial Systemisation Process.  This will bring a continually increasing level of control to the money in your business.   Of course the more we do this the greater the level of control, but even after this first time through you will have significantly more control than 85% of the businesses in Australia – and that of course includes your competitors.

Imagine being so in control of the money stuff that you are able to make decisions about price and what you offer to your customers, in comparison to the competition (especially those that do stupid discounting to try and buy your customers), with total knowledge about the profitability of that offer.

This is also about having less daily, weekly and monthly variation, enabling you to plan better for the future.  Instead of financial ups and downs, how does a predictable (and upward) profit curve sound?


Phase 4 is Optimise.

Are you interested in putting yourself in the top 2% of business performers?

Most businesses are so focused on the small stuff that they don’t get the time to see the real opportunities.

The top 2% on the other hand not only see the opportunities but they also act on the quickly.

They can do that because everything else is under control.  They can optimise their opportunities because the day-to-day stuff is working well.

And given that at this point your business is making greater profits than when we started working together, and you feel like you have things under control, this is where the strategic work happens, and it is where we take your business to another level.

Now the fun starts as we apply our Quantum Leap Process.  In that process we are looking for the big gains, that massive shift in performance, to give you an even greater return.


Once we get to the end of the 4 phases, then it is all about Locking in the Future.

Your business profits will have grown at this point, but without continually working on your business, those profits will soon disappear.  So we lock the process in and turn it into the annual backbone of your business.

During this year we have one major goal we are pursuing – to increase the capital value of your business through continued evidence of great performance.

You may or may not want to sell your business but there are two forms of profit – cashflow profit and capital profit.  In the second cycle we are focusing on showing any lenders or buyers how solid the business is over the long term.  This is our high-level Investor Ready Financial Performance Program.  In this program we set your business up so it is investor ready, whether that investor is you or someone else.