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Amanda Dyason – Profit Advisor & Author of
Building Profits the Smart Way

Don’t Let Your Business Pay The Price
For Poor Financial Management

Amanda Dyason is recognised as Australia’s #1 profit advisor for businesses that want to grow. With almost 20 years of experience working with government agencies and multinational corporates, she knows all the tricks large organisations use to reduce costs, develop killer pricing strategies, and make super profits.

After becoming disillusioned with corporate and big business, Amanda decided to reach out to small business owners who are overwhelmed by their finances. She understands that they must give themselves every advantage just to keep their heads above water.

 Amanda shares her most powerful secrets with business owners about building profits smartly and consistently. 

As a published author and international speaker, Amanda shares her most powerful secrets with business owners about building profits smartly and consistently. She shows them how to move from a place of fear and uncertainty with numbers to a place of clarity, certainty, and control.

This is an opportunity to benefit from Amanda’s expertise and knowledge. Under constant pressure to keep their business running, manage a staff, and keep customers coming through the door, small business owners often find themselves not knowing what their numbers mean, why there’s no money in the bank, and wondering how they’re going to cover payroll.

In today’s constantly changing business climate, it’s critical that small business owners understand exactly how financial management is driving the success of their companies. A strategy call with Amanda Dyason will show you how to catapult your business from financial overwhelm to profitable success.