About Us

Who We Are and How We Can Help You

When it comes to pricing your products and services, many SME business owners often get their costs very wrong, despite their future profitability and business survival depending on getting it right!

Many SME owners aren’t financially savvy and don’t understand professional pricing and costing calculations. The ProfitSmarts team can help you to make business revenue and generate profits. Our very experienced and skilled team specialise in maximising your profits via:

  • Very successful pricing strategies,
  • Real cost reductions, and
  • Expense analysis.

With over 14 years’ experience in this sector we leverage our knowledge and skills to get your business back on track and on a strong foundation moving forwards. We are members of the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Human Resources Institute and have worked closely with the Queensland Government.

ProfitSmarts’ in-depth knowledge of cash flow, expenditure and business growth means that we comprehensively look at your business financials from every possible angle. If there are hidden costs and profits in your business – we’ll find them.

We are passionate about what we do and as love working with our clients to achieve their goals. Once our team is hired we guarantee to help you in every possible way that we can.

Laying the foundations
You won’t just be hiring us for a ‘quick fix’ solution. We implement effective long term strategies that create the rock solid financial foundations all great businesses are built on.

For further information on how we can help your business call us today on 07 3177 3311 for a no-obligation discussion or email us at info@ProfitSmarts.com.au.

Our People

Amanda Dyason is the principal consultant at ProfitSmarts.  She is in the business of helping other businesses to become more competitive and profitable by providing expert costing and pricing advice.

‘I love working with a variety of different clients to help them achieve their goals.  This is not just a job for me, it’s a passion.  Once I’m hired by a client, I’m on a mission to help them in every way possible!’  ~ Amanda Dyason

Amanda has 15 years of commercial analytical experience with a bias towards costing and pricing, coupled with extensive knowledge of cost accounting, financial reporting, and financial analysis gained in complex organisations, in both the public and private sector.

She has previously worked in her professional field for leading organisations including
Australian Aerospace, Billabong, Gold Coast Hospital & Health Service, Department of Education & Training, QLD;  Energex, MetService, New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation, Liquigas, DB Breweries, DHL; and the NZ Department of Conservation.

Amanda is a member of:

  • AIMM Member, Australian Institute of Management
  • MAHRI Member, Australian Human Resource Institute

Her qualifications include:

  • BBus – Bachelor of Business
  • Dip(AdvMgmt) – Diploma in Management (Advanced) 2010
  • Dip(HR) – Diploma in Human Resources 2008
  • Dip(Mgmt) – Diploma in Management  2008
  • Dip(Acct) – Diploma in Accounting 2007
  • Dip(Bus) – Diploma in Business 2007
  • Currently studying FastTrack MBA with double major in Corporate Finance and Human Resource Management

Jaco Botha is a senior consultant at ProfitSmarts and is in the business of helping other businesses to become more competitive and profitable by providing expert advice on business improvement.

Jaco’s focus is on the integration of technology and business strategy in order to improve your bottom line.
He will partner with you to harness proactive measures that go beyond simply fixing past issues.

The benefits that working with Jaco brings to your business include:

  • Maximisation of the value of IT assets
  • Reduction of IT complexity
  • Renewed focus of innovation efforts
  • Creation of a more strategic IT organisation
  • Introduction of innovative, IT-enabled designs for the structure of your business
  • Management of your portfolio of investments in IT- involved business changes
  • Optimisation of the value, cost and risk of your IT
  • Mastering the uncertainties that come with rapidly – evolving technologies
  • Improved customer satisfaction through seamless service delivery

Jaco prides himself in being able to communicate business needs in various forms and how several IT Service Management Best Practices and Frameworks will actually operate in business as usual (BAU) / Operations. He focuses on providing documentation in a strategically simplistic manner that will assist in early EM and Stakeholder buy-in as well as final adoption.

He has previously worked professionally with Queensland’s Department of Education & Training, Department of Health, Department of Community Safety, Suncorp Bank, Brisbane City Council, Certain Software, Kypera Software,  New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department and Telecom NZ Ltd.

Those are Amanda’s and Jaco’s stories.  What’s yours?  For an obligation-free chat, contact us at ProfitSmarts today.