Do You Understand Your Small Business Financials?

If you own a small business and don’t understand your Profit & Loss (P&L), balance sheet and other business financials, developing your business and making a decent profit will be an uphill struggle.

Sadly, a lack of financial intelligence is why one in three SME’s fail within their first three years.

One in three!

I know that growing your business can sometimes leave you buried in financial overwhelm. However, once you know how to understand the numbers is your business, you’ll have crucial insights into how you can use those numbers to manage and improve your business, and profits, in many key areas.

With so much to do, this is much easier said than done

This is why ProfitSmarts specialises in teaching the owners of small to medium businesses the skills to grow their profit by 20 to 30%, so that every new customer you get contributes a meaningful impact on the bottom line of your business.

We’ll give you the confidence to understand and act on your business financial information, which will help you make better business decisions, develop your business and improve your profits so that your business is an asset for the long term.

Our goal and mission is to increase the financial intelligence of small and medium business owners across Australia so that they can create their own future and be successful in their own right.

With the latest teaching methods from our highly skilled team of small business experts you’ll have access to relevant and easy to understand workshops, webinars and master-classes as well as our renowned one-on-one training.

We have no doubt about your technical expertise, and once you combine that with a sound understanding of your small business financials, you’ll be operating your business based on financial facts and confidence, not hope and prayer. You will finally have the clarity, confidence and certainty you need to make your bottom line profits grow.

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Making the decision to understand your businesses financial strength can be intimidating. However by making that decision you will be taking positive steps to improving your profits, developing you and your businesses net value to help you acquire the freedom, money and choices in life you set out to achieve.

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